Our People

“It’s being able to figure out how to live more gracefully within our sphere of influence.”
–Bruce Kania, CEO and President

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bruce has focused his professional career on product invention, intellectual property development and licensing since 1992. His life-long fascination with the interrelation of natural and human systems, combined with his passion for the outdoors, led him to first conceive the idea for what eventually became the technology behind BioHaven® floating treatment wetlands.

Today, Bruce is FII’s CEO, President and Research Director, responsible for product development, and is the Chairman of the FII Board, as well as being the principal owner of Fountainhead, LLC, FII’s parent company. As well as running the company, he remains actively involved in licensing, demonstration projects and promotion of BioHavens throughout the world.

“FII is an advocate for the creatures on this planet who have no voice, and no choice but to accept human impact on their world.”
–Anne Kania, VP

A graduate in English from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Anne has lived in England, New Zealand and now Montana, where she has enjoyed a varied career. An experienced project manager in the IT field, and a noted professional classical singer, Anne has now worked alongside Bruce and FII for the last 9 years in a wide-ranging support capacity.

In January 2016, she formed a new company, Joy of Hunting, whose hunting retreats for women (and men) complement the Island Master Seminar program the Kanias host for prospective partners of FII.

“There are areas in our country facing massive water quality challenges. We believe it is there that we will find water stewards who are passionate about solving these problems holistically.” – Rhyno Stinchfield, Director of Global Business Development

Rhyno has over 30 years’ experience in the sustainability and renewable sectors. He has successfully conducted business across North America and internationally. As the Director of Global Business Development, he leads the effort in setting up and managing FII’s worldwide distribution network.

“Being proficient at home will lay the groundwork for our ability to successfully support our solutions globally.” – Wendy Davidoff, Director of Global Marketing

Wendy has 25 years’ experience in multiple industries, in both public and private companies. Previously, Wendy’s key imperative has been to reorganize corporate messaging to reflect chosen sustainable, vertical markets. She has held key executive positions in corporate and product marketing along with strategic planning and market development. As the Director of Global Marketing, Wendy will design and implement FII’s corporate and product marketing initiatives.

“The work we do is environmentally valuable.”
–Frank Stewart, PE / FII Consulting Engineer

For nearly a decade, Frank has been contributing his considerable expertise in remediation of groundwater and surface water contamination to the Floating Island International team. His frequent contributions include patent writing as well as providing valuable research, design, product development and technical consultation. Frank has earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Civil Engineering, and is a principal of Stewart Engineering, located in Bozeman, Mont.

“I value the opportunity to provide natural cost-effective solutions for water treatment.”
–Mark Reinsel, PhD, PE, Consultant

Dr. Reinsel, an expert in the analysis of treatment alternatives for industrial wastewater, groundwater, storm water and drinking water, joined Floating Island International in 2010. He received his doctorate in chemical engineering from the Center for Biofilm Engineering in Bozeman, Mont., is a former professor in chemical and environmental engineering, and has provided technical consulting in water treatment and quality in projects from Alaska to Peru. In addition to his work with FII, he is president of Apex Engineering in Missoula, Mont.