Our Vision

For the past two centuries, much of our world has been focused on population growth and industrialization. Such progress came at a cost, however: the widespread destruction of our wetlands and waterways.

At Floating Island International, we believe that we have the technology to reverse this trend. The answer lies in Biomimicry: duplicating Nature’s processes in a sustainable, efficient and powerful way to achieve impeccable environmental stewardship, for the benefit of all life.

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Wetlands are the most productive eco-systems we have. By creating “bio-mimicked” floating wetlands, we are delivering the myriad benefits of a natural wetland to a waterway that, most likely, is itself impaired – while keeping millions of plastic bottles out of the landfill.

Distributed through a network of licensees, Floating Island International products are unmatched in their potential effect on water quality and management. Our floating islands and floating treatment wetlands will continue to impact public and private waterways throughout the world, resulting in clean, oxygenated water and thriving habitats above and below the water line.