Habitat Management

Customized to suit the unique feeding, nesting and protection needs of specific species, BioHaven® floating islands have been commissioned as habitats for many types of birds, as well as otters, turtles and frogs, When we partner with clients such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Toronto Zoo or the US Forest Service, we seek out experts in the target species to gain a comprehensive understanding of it and create an environment in which it will thrive. So we have incorporated ramps to help chicks get on and off, sand boxes for turtle nesting and splash pools for birds.

Specially designed islands have been installed to provide strategic, protective spawning beds for bass and other fish whose natural habitats have been damaged. Overhanging banks allow fingerlings a chance to make it downstream to their destination without being picked off by predators en route.

See BioHaven® floating island habitats at work in Sheepy Lake, Oregon (US)

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