Lake Restoration

When a lake is in trouble, there are generally many causes and, unfortunately, many unpleasant symptoms. Nutrients in the water (nitrates and phosphates from fertilizer, animal waste and leaky septic systems) feed algal blooms that look bad and smell worse. And that means your lake can quickly turn a million dollar location into an expensive liability.

BioHaven® and Leviathan™ floating islands are an affordable option for reversing the unpleasant side effects of water pollution and restoring the lakes to a healthy, thriving state. Appropriate for both fresh water lakes and reservoirs, they provide benefits that single solution systems can’t, including increasing biodiversity, saving money and returning lakeshore living to the pleasure it once was.

Mimicking Nature’s own solution, these islands also provide beautiful and functional wetlands. BioHaven® floating islands generate the microbial activity needed to convert nutrients into a food source for native fish, birds and other wildlife, rather than algae. The Leviathan™ technology, in turn, oxygenates and homogenizes the water so that fish can breathe and live in a comfortable temperature range.

BioHaven® Floating Islands are teeming with life from diatoms and protozoa to dragonflies and damselfly nymphs.

Lakes also benefit from the wave dampening effects of BioHaven® overhanging banks. Placed along the shoreline, they reduce problems with sedimentation, strengthen the natural bank and add to the lakefront’s aesthetic. They also aid in improving water clarity and halting the growth of underwater weeds.

View the case study that show how Leviathan systems are able to bring dead and degraded waters back to life.