Water Quality

The “concentrated wetland effect” created by BioHaven® floating islands biomimics the cleansing action of natural wetlands. With added aeration they are very effective at removing pollutants such as nitrates and ammonia, and increasing the dissolved oxygen in a water body. The surface area of the floating island naturally attracts microbes which cleanse the water and turn unwanted nutrients into fish food. This makes them a natural choice for cleaning not only lakes and streams, but also for wastewater lagoons, farm effluent ponds, and any other waterway impacted by sewage or landfill effluent: winery ponds, fish hatcheries, public parks or mines. New applications are being discovered all the time.

Effluent water – McClean’s Pit Project, New Zealand. Before and after treatment by BioHaven® floating treatment wetlands.

Learn how our floating treatment wetlands are making a big difference at a New Zealand landfill

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