Wave Breakers

BioHaven® floating islands have been proven to dampen wave energy in both deep water and shoreline settings. Thus, they represent a powerful new tool to protect levees, valuable shorelines or other erosion-sensitive areas.

In a controlled test carried out by hydraulic engineers at Alden Laboratories, wave attenuation properties of BioHaven islands were studied in anticipation of their use for both bank stabilization and for beach erosion prevention. Several module arrangements were simulated, including deep water attenuation and attenuation adjacent to a simulated beach slope. The results show exciting promise: for deep water waves, attenuation was observed to be approximately 80% for 7 to 10 inch wave heights. For the shoreline studies, wave run-up reduction ranged from about 58% to approximately 93% .

A BioHaven placed close to a sensitive shore line, or attached to the shore as an overhanging bank, can be used in applications ranging from hydro-lakes suffering from recreational boat activity to fragile coastal habitats impacted by waves.

A summary of the Alden Report can be found in our Research Papers page.

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