Wetland Restoration

The restoration of lost wetlands is an important focus of today’s land and water stewardship, because wetlands are the most valued and complex habitats on earth. Their loss has contributed to a sharp decline in many insect-eating birds, waterfowl and amphibians.

Every floating island launched by FII helps to reverse this decline.

BioHaven® floating islands provide the same ecological benefits as natural wetlands: they harbor many insects beneficial to birds and fish and provide secure habitats for birds, frogs and other species, many of which are declining from the loss of their natural habitat.

Classified as “Floating Emergent Wetlands” BioHaven® floating islands can be used specifically for water treatment. They can also be utilized to add riparian edge and wetland effect, increasing biodiversity and enhancing the overall health of the system.

The benefits realized by the installation of BioHaven® floating islands are far greater than those gained by converting existing land to wetland. They create new land over open water, resulting not only in expanded habitat opportunities while improving water quality.