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January 19, 2016
posted by Anne

Nutrients are a positive. In the right ratio, they are the building blocks of life. Natural systems evolve around nutrients. So they are needed, and…

January 21, 2015
posted by Anne


We pursue lifelong learning around water stewardship and natural systems, guided by the principles of BioMimicry. We love to work with keen, bright people to share what we are discovering and impart our sense of urgency for…

October 3, 2014
posted by Anne

A couple years ago a really bright neighbor of ours, a double PhD, was having a discussion with me about diets.  I had just made a statement…something like “calories in equal calories out,” when he informed me that I…

February 18, 2014
posted by Anne

Hello Everyone!

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I was interviewed by a great team, Eph and Jeff, for their podcast series…

February 10, 2014
posted by Anne

Bruce and I have been following a diet based on pre-agricutural food choices.  Being hunters, and loving to eat meats and saturated fat, it suits us perfectly.  We grow our…