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Thank you for your interest in Biohaven® floating islands and floating treatment wetlands. If you have questions, are interested in exploring business opportunities with us or are designing a project that could benefit from one of our products, we’d welcome the chance to talk with you.

Please choose your state from the list below to contact your licensee for any sales-related questions or inquiries you may have. If you’d like to contact FII, please click here or call 800 450 1088 (+1 406 373 5200).



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BioHaven floating islands can be priced individually or by project. Across the US, a non-customized, standard buoyancy, 4-layer BioHaven usually costs between $25 - $29 per square foot. This price includes internal fixtures and fittings and an anchor point, and planting holes. It does not include plants or soil, armor coating for UV and waterfowl protection, anchoring systems, freight or installation.

Customization incurs extra charges and can include:

  • Additional buoyancy to support anything from a walkway to buildings.
  • Irregular shaping, such as circular cut-outs.
  • Custom features, such as nesting areas.
  • Accessories, such as goose netting.
  • Three-dimensional wave dampening features.
  • Solar lighting.
  • Our floating streambed feature.
  • Fish security and grazing enhancement adjacent and underneath island (BioCoral).
  • Curtains.
  • Rigidified pathways to facilitate plant harvest.

Customization will be discussed and priced by the licensee providing the island / service.

Freight charges will be quoted as part of the order process.

For planting, the standard layout is 3" holes on an 8" center grid using 1.5 plants per square foot. Allow for 30 holes per cu ft of potting mix, such as Coco Absorb. Custom plants can include specialized hyper-accumulator plants to optimize for nutrient and heavy metal harvest.

Installation services can be provided at extra cost. Maintenance contracts are also available in many instances.

For pricing outside the US, please contact the appropriate licensee.

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