Water Resource Recovery – Get Started Now!

There is a new and exciting movement happening around water today – Water Resource Recovery!  It is happening with wastewater, stormwater, lakes and ponds.  If you are one of the folks charged with running a community, are part of a lake homeowner association, or are one of the lucky few who own and control private water, this is supremely important.  Today we have the science and the knowledge with which to generate revenue from water.

Today you can grow fish, fuel or landscape trees from your water.  And here’s the clincher…the byproduct is pristine water!  It’s a true byproduct.  In the past a model system would pay huge dollars to achieve decent water quality.  Today, the water can pay as it goes.  Set up a Water Resource Recovery system, and generate serious revenue.  The revenue pays for the project and then some.  For example, wastewater in particular is now a valuable resource that doesn’t just pay for it’s own management, but can generate extra revenue.  Think lower taxes.  Think new, quality-of-life-enhancing services, like parks or exemplary schools.

Water Resource Recovery for Everyone

Or if you are a lake homeowner, wondering how your association can ever afford to prevent massive algae blooms, now you have the answer.  The beauty of Water Resource Recovery is that it makes total sense.  The phosphorus and nitrogen that today grows algae, will tomorrow generate revenue.

What are the steps you can take to get to Water Resource Recovery (WRR)?  The first one is the big one…reach out.  Talk to the folks you work with.  Have lunch together, brainstorm, and test out the vision of a real, sustainable, practical solution for your water.  Whether you are simply working on water quality compliance challenges, or harmful algae blooms, or your goal is beautification of a waterscape.  All of these worthy goals are byproducts of WRR.  Then reach out to us, to Floating Island International, because WRR is our specialty.  Our job is to help you achieve WRR.

Our team is ready.  We are networked around the world.  Montana is our home base, and we love to work here where we live, but we also have major projects in Alaska and California and internationally in New Zealand, Singapore, China and Ecuador.  We are ready to help you fix your water and turn it into a cash cow.

We’ve all heard that water is the next gold.  That’s a provocative statement, but it gets even more so when we consider that, as water is commercialized via WRR, the byproduct is pristine water, a rare commodity today.  You pretty much have to head for a high mountain lake to find “pristine” water today.  WRR takes us to pristine, and makes pristine not just affordable but profitable.

Water projects take time.  So reach out now, and let’s get started!