Biomimicry Is the Model for A Better Future

Seeing our way clear of the hubris and toxic noise from spent people, folks who simply don’t have a sense of propriety, of reasonable behavior, who don’t know where or how to spend their energy, that is the challenge of life in the United States in 2021 if we want a better future.

Clear vision through the fog of obfuscation, of fallacy, of misdirected anger, is rare. But it is happening. There is a movement that does not bow to misdirection. It simply advances. The movement is called Biomimicry.

Biomimicry is the model for a better future.

a floating island in a river in front of native trees
This BioHaven was launched in 2007 with perennial plants. It has been helping to reduce algae and fight greenhouse gas emissions for 14 years!

The word has become science. It has no political connotations. It just is. You can measure it. Yes. It is factual, and you can live it. Actually watch it unfold, as you engage it.

What will “nature as model” replace? It will replace the following:

  1. Reliance and trust in cult personalities
  2. Suspicion and fear of “others”
  3. Torpid blind faith

Bottom line, Biomimicry will ultimately dominate human behavior and we will see that better future.

It is becoming the tool by which humans achieve the beginnings of sustainable life. Biomimicry will transition humans towards practices that increase health, social equity, longevity, bio complexity, and even wealth. Health and wealth!

Every facet of life on this planet will be influenced by human advanced Biomimicry. And with this broad spectrum phenomenon, our progeny will grow and expand their understanding of life. The human race will become a vital and integral component of nature’s systems. We won’t fight nature. We will team with nature, we will collaborate, and learn, and foster natural systems. We will team with nature. This unflagging focus will result in transformation of today’s angst, towards hope and promise.

This graceful loon on a floating island is safe from land-based predators and has a perfect habitat.

Life isn’t that complicated. It just is.

By collaborating with natural systems, life becomes far more graceful. It extends an arm of surprising uplift. Our systems work better, they work seamlessly. They inspire us with their completeness, with their comprehensive grasp of wholeness and health. This is our future, if we choose it.