“These BioHaven Things Really Work!”

Today a friend called to say she’d run into an acquaintance and they’d struck up a conversation about a local waterway, a Native American ceremonial spring on a nearby Reservation.  Both are concerned about recent reports about poor water quality at the springs.  My friend mentioned BioHaven as a possible solution. Her acquaintance was surprised to hear our product mentioned twice in two days. Another friend and neighbor had just told him how BioHavens fixed his fishing pond.  

Those fishing ponds had gone through the chemical treatment process.  Chemicals did not stop the algae.  BioHavens did, and now the water is crystal clear and his prized fish are regaining health and color. Not to mention productivity.    

Growing Champions with BioHavens

Right here at Shepherd, I’m a three minute walk to BioHavens that are big enough to support tour groups.  In fact, we’ve had dozens of tours where folks get to walk on and see the water, the fish, the dragon flies, the turtles.  They almost always are handed a fishing pole and test their skill, and strength, in catching a few fish.  There’s nothing like it when a youngster, even an 80 year-old, needs both hands to hoist up a plate sized bluegill!  Folks leave Fish Fry Lake with a sense that this is what all of our parks should have…their own version of Fish Fry Lake, with walkable BioHavens!  

For me there’s a solace, a kind of restoration, connected with sitting on the corner of a BioHaven floating streambed as it churns water from below up and into a pollinator version of BioHaven, with blossoms and bees creating their own beauty.  While that’s a lot happening on top, the fish are still another spectacle below, with literally layers of green sunfish, followed by black crappie and then yellow perch.  In between, Largemouth bass happen.  A form of native freshwater sponge has latched onto our islands too, and they add still another level of life as they add to nature’s filter process and contribute to the crystal clarity of Fish Fry’s water.  

Can we fix the ceremonial spring?  Without a doubt, because this is what BioHavens do.  BioHavens are a platform that launches nature’s food web.  The result is beauty and restoration.  Discover what else they can contribute to Ponds & Lakes.

“Drop Dead Gorgeous”! These BioHaven floating islands have fixed a local fishing pond and delighted the customer with their beautiful appearance.