Bringing “paleo” ideas to the concept of stewardship

Bruce and I have been following a diet based on pre-agricutural food choices. Being hunters, and loving to eat meats and saturated fat, it suits us perfectly. We grow our own vegetables, eat wild fish from Fish Fry Lake and avoid processed foods, especially sugar and sodas. Bruce calls it “Renaissance paleo” to suggest an “enlightened” form of pre-agricultural lifestyle – the version that includes wine and chocolate and hot baths! As we get more into it, we’ve begun to relate what we are doing with our diet and lifestyle to how we steward land and water. We are passionate about both, and the Shepherd Research Center reflects our biases.

What we see in our water today is an aquatic version of obesity: too many nutrients left over from our attempts to grow more and more food for human consumption. Ironically this is the very foods that lead to human obesity. There is a connection and it’s a vicious cycle. So we ask, can we get back to a more primal kind of stewardship and what might it look like? That’s what this blog post reflects on. Check out the article by Bruce at Bringing “paleo” ideas to the concept of stewardship.