Even Upstream is Downstream

“A good way to ruin wisdom is to make it a bumper sticker.”
– Poor Richard’s Modern Almanac

You can’t talk about water as if it’s something static. It has a tendency to move around, visibly or invisibly, usually in a downward motion as liquid, but also upward as vapor. What you do to water you do to everyone, eventually.

If the US sells dirty, high-sulphur coal to China, the mining of it impacts West Virginia streams on the front end. A short while later, the smoke that belches from the Guangzhou smokestacks brings it back to us in the form of sulphuric acid in the rain that falls in our own backyard.

Then people ask “why are you against business?”

You can see how quickly any discussion of water and other resources can quickly become a political debate.

Think about it, water in some form comes into every house, enters every mouth, bloodstream, bladder and then it goes out. Then back in and out again, and so on. How our water connects us in this way became rather grossly evident when scientists started finding pharmaceutical compounds in waterways, flushed out in the pee of you and me. “Antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones” as revealed by CBS News.