Floating Islands and the Hunt

Here at Shepherd we have been very purposeful about expanding fishery habitat. The prototyping of visionary ideas associated with floating islands has been expensive, but the investment has paid off. But the quest towards a paleo lifestyle does not stop there. It also includes our determination to develop other wildlife habitat.

Our results have been phenomenal.  Today we have a premier hunt, and it is truly a mixed bag hunt.  And this is even more so when it comes to fish.  Our Shepherd experiment suggests that conventional agriculture can take a lesson from what has occurred here. We can produce more high-quality protein than a conventional farmer can, and with a smaller carbon footprint!  Side benefit…our protein is organic!  Remember Richard Manning’s “Against the Grain?”  It has happened here.  And we can duplicate it, for a lot less expense, now that the wheel has been reinvented.

Consider also that we have developed BioHaven floating islands here.  Today they have international recognition as a cost effective, innovative and sustainable best management practice.  This is really just another facet of the benefits connected with our Shepherd project, our experiment.

How can other land and water stewards gain such traction?  Note that “inertia” is still with the status quo.  One would expect this, but how does a land or water steward interrupt the status quo?

I don’t know the answer, precisely.  But I do know that creative thinking, diligence, hard work, empathy, and tenacity all part of the necessary equation.  Minor details like “funding” are part of it too!

Check out the following photos.  They reflect the home run, the goals.  And please, be encouraged.  Know that what you do ultimately defines who you are.

a bucket sitting on a wooden deck full of fish
3 women all posing with different sized fish on the end of their lines
Employee Appreciation Event at Fish Fry Lake