Going Paleo

About five years ago, a friend – and his wife, who is also an exceptional chef – introduced us to some of the arguments in favor of a paleo diet. The friend is a double PhD who I deeply respect, so I looked into those arguments. It led me to research the ketogenic diet, and ancestral diet thinking in general. Anne did too. Today we are both happy, healthy and grateful, are on no medications and we weigh about 12% less than pre-exposure!

I just turned off the slow cooker that’s been perking away down on the kitchen island …the aroma that has been wafting through the house for ten hours now – celeriac and parsnip, red beet and two types of onion, broccoli stem, turmeric, ginger, and bone in whitetail roast – has made for pleasant dreams! We will drink broth for breakfast, one of Anne’s particular favorites. Lunch will be delicious and fatty wild meat and an umami mix of vegetable flavors. The tallow of a plump whitetail is no longer carved away and discarded…instead we relish it now. Our pups even more so…especially during pheasant hunting season, when they burn calories at an outrageous rate!

Our lab pups have really gone paleo too. They enjoy a wild meat diet, both raw and cooked, wild fat, and dried fish for dessert, every day.

So instead of medicating for high blood pressure, or dying of an aggressive form of cancer that spreads through the blood in the case of Sam, our senior Labrador matriarch, we are active and energized, and grateful. Like a wise Greek philosopher is attributed to have said…”Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.”

Connection to Waterways

Waterways behave the same way…resurrect their ancestral diet, and they become healthy. That’s the story of Fish Fry Lake. That’s the story of an estuary in Guayaquil, Ecuador. And that’s the story in hundreds of island launch settings across the planet.

Just read a story by Dr. Wes Neal, a fisheries biologist with Mississippi State. His story tracked results associated with BioHaven Floating Streambed impact on fish production, and water clarity.