Internships available!


Here at Floating Island International, we pursue lifelong learning around water stewardship and natural systems. By using the principles of BioMimicry, we create unique and sustainable solutions. However, we can’t do this alone. We love working with keen, bright people and sharing what we are discovering and our urgent sense for change. To do so, we offer two different internships at our Shepherd Research Center:

Island Launch Seminar

Consisting of three full days packed with hands-on learning about Transition Water, you will quickly become an “Island Master”. Not only will you experience all aspects of BioHaven launching and maintenance, but you will also become fluent in how this powerful system applies to water quality issues today. The cost to you is $650, and includes transfers from Billings airport, meals and accommodation on site. Open to students and professionals alike. 

Working Internship with Remuneration

In three quick months, you will become part of the dedicated team at FII, learning through on-the-job experience. While becoming an Island Master, you will contribute to our research program and case studies. Additionally, responsibilities include helping in the day-to-day maintenance and stewardship of Fish Fry Lake, our living example of Transition Water. Comfortable, self-contained accommodations provided on a self-catering basis. Open to students or professionals pursuing a career in an environmental or water-related field.

If you would like to be considered for either of these Internships, please contact us via email: Alternatively, you can call Bruce at 406-373-5200.

Additionaly, feel free to pass this along to any potential candidates!