Mega-Community building

There’s an emerging concept, new to me, called “mega-community” that fits with my notion of what is needed to bring our water back to health. The idea is for people to collaborate. Everybody – regulators, polluters, communities and even solutions-providers, in the case of water – who has a stake in the problem and in the outcome. You can read more about the concept here.

When you start to think about the mega-community concerned with water, it could be huge. Consider, say, the Chesapeake Bay, where the stakeholders include fishermen, oyster farms, hog farms, oil companies, car manufacturers, communities, foundations, river-keepers, non-profits, duck farms, chicken farms, the EPA, research institutes, human waste treatment providers, marina owners, aeration providers, engineers, floating islands licensees…….. Have I even scratched the surface? But how do we go about getting all these people to talk to each other?

We are tackling the job by holding Micro Summits (I know, it seems like a contradiction in terms). The goal is not a talk-fest, but action. To do so, we are searching out small groups of like-minded decision-makers to get around the table and commit to action. The first of these Micro-Summits will be in Washington DC this fall. Contact us if you have ideas or would like to be part of such a summit. Join our facebook page if you would like to be part of a growing mega-community around water and natural solutions.