Servants to the Environment

Nature is not very linear in her design policy. Crystal development is an exception perhaps, but in general, you can count on nature to blend her solutions. We humans on the other hand, tend to prefer linear fixes. They are easier to understand, for sure. Pop a pill, add chemical, burn it down, tuck it below the surface, short and easy, and usually dead wrong.

We humans have short memories too. I’m a historian, but by nature’s standards we, and our several tens of thousands of years of history are a blip on a dot on the tape of life. There’s a wonderful expression of this in the entrance foyer at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana. A colorful tape has been strung back and forth across the ceiling. Could be a half mile length of tape. And at one spot, a small, inch(es) long color stands out, depicting the time in which humans have lived on earth. The world does not circulate around us. We are a blip on a branch off to the side of the MilkyWay, and the MilkyWay is just a run-of-the-mill galaxy. We are far from the core.

So thinking and acting outside of our temporal existence isn’t easy. But the rewards may be incredible. Perhaps one day our race may touch millions of other worlds. Perhaps one day we will understand life, and really propagate it. Perhaps one day we will be godlike, and actually nurture and sustain new life.

Here and now, for us to have any hope of sustenance, we must accept that our place is that of servants to the environment. We are servants, nothing more. Nature provides us with her model, and we are charged with stewarding it. We care for and seek to understand our environment, and this nurtures our climate, and together, these result in action that sustain all of us.

Urban heat sinks, carcinogens in water, nutrient pollution that kills life, microplastics, these are all present opportunities for stewardship. Solutions, or actions, that address multiple environmental insults, are nature’s model. Her wetland effect addresses all of the above, and more. One plus one equals one hundred!