BioHaven Floating Technology Provides Solutions

Floating Island International (FII) first developed BioHaven® Floating Island technology as a solution to algae-ridden and nutrient impaired water in 2005.

Since then, we have launched over 9,000 island systems worldwide as solutions to a variety of problems facing water managers. We work with a network of licensees and distributors in the US and globally.
BioHaven Floating Islands harness natural biological processes to clean water by adapting designs from nature. Clearly, a better solution than chemical additives.
Years of applied research and engineering have made them the powerhouses they are today.

BioHaven® Floating Island technologies are a component in an increasing number of applications, and a proven solution to common water problems.

Wastewater Lagoon Treatment & Water Resource Recovery
Wave Mitigation, Shoreline Protection & Coastal Restoration
Fish Pond Management | Pond & Lake Stewards: Grow Fish Instead of Algae
Stormwater Management for Nutrient & Sediment Control