Shoreline Protection & Coastal Restoration

  • Shoreline Protection and Coastal Restoration
  • Wave attenuation properties prevent bank erosion and sedimentation
  • Act as sediment buffer to re-establish coastal vegetation
  • Endorsed by The Water Institute of the Gulf
  • Lightweight, durable and aesthetically appealing
  • Engineered anchor design
  • Native marsh plantings provide habitat as well as water quality benefits

Coastal restoration and protection efforts are critical to the survival of many coastal communities. With large areas to restore and protect, BioHavens are practical and cost-effective. Our High-Energy BioHaven (HEB-W, HEW-N) and related EcoShield™ product provide a safe and durable solution with no adverse impacts. High-Energy BioHavens are also popular in waterbodies hosting water sports, where wave dampening is desirable for participants.

  • Features
    • Mimics natural processes of coastal ecosystems and creates new marsh
    • Protects shorelines affected by erosion from wave action and boating activity
    • Attenuates waves such as chop waves / wind chop
    • Manufactured to hold anchor through hurricane-force winds and storm surges
    • Floating structure eliminates concerns about sinking and rises and falls with the tide
  • The BioHaven Solution

    Description of Technology

    Besides offering a biological treatment surface and superior platform for growing plants, the BioHaven matrix acts as a wave attenuating device. Wave force is not merely displaced, only to transfer its energy to another location: it is dissipated. The permeability of the matrix attenuates lateral waves while the rise and fall of the islands’ edge ensures no vertical instability.


    • High-Energy BioHavens are lightweight, easy to deploy and require virtually no maintenance
    • They can be deployed close to shore or anchored safely in the middle of a waterbody
    • The flexible island material has no hard edges and can easily be marked with reflector posts or discs to signal their presence to water users
  • Benefits


    • Protect shorelines, restore wetlands and create new habitat
    • Increase water clarity by absorbing particles in the water
    • Contribute to water quality by recovering and recycling nutrients
    • Delineate a safe recreational area for water-skiers and wakeboarders
    • Are an affordable and practical “green infrastructure” solution to widespread coastline loss
  • Case Studies and Research

BioHaven Shoreline Protection Products

a line of floating islands divides a lake

the wandering shoreline of a lake lined with floating islands

a boat towing a row of rectangular floating islands into place from a dock

aerial view of a lake with an x pattern of rectangular floating islands in the center