Sustenance and the indefatigable Brittany!

I have sculpted a life here at Shepherd. From what folks have shared with me, it’s a remarkable life, one that few others are privileged to experience. I hear this, and I appreciate the feedback. But I’m not satisfied. In fact, I’m certain that my life can be much improved.

Tall man holding a string of large bass beside the Brittany dog, Reacher.

Yesterday morning I stepped out my back door and three minutes later a flight of Canada geese passed overhead. I shot twice, with my ancient Spanish 12 gauge side by side, and as luck would have it, two greater Canadas fell. My young Brittany was beside himself! Note…he’s been around many incidences when, even with the loud report of a shotgun, birds do not fall from the sky! In this case the pup had his paws full! Ultimately, he retrieved the birds. They now add to our larder, and contribute to the lifestyle Anne and I have chosen.

We survive on a paleo diet because . . . science.

We avoid processed food. We distrust anything chemical. We reject standards around purported water quality. We actually measure, and are science based. And we reject the status quo. The data is compelling. The status quo is not to be trusted.

Yes, we reject the status quo.

My young Brittany, Reacher, is all muscle. There’s a bit of essential, vital organ material in there too, including some “brain”! His energy is infectious. Yet, at times, he and I have arguments. Usually my perspective prevails. But not always!

Kibbles, the highest quality we can find, make up about ten percent of his diet. This is processed dog food. I don’t like it. I don’t trust it. It is commercial, profit driven, convenient, and probably not safe. Not safe for Reacher. He needs natural sustenance.

The pup just nudged against my legs, under my chair. He trusts that the chair will not fail, and crush him. I, on the other hand, am not as certain. I remember indirectly experiencing a chair failure. It was a high profile, Board of Directors meeting. One of the directors was gesticulating wildly, sort of, when his old, antique chair failed.

He crashed to the floor. He wasn’t hurt. But his self esteem certainly took a hit! Among the six directors, your truly was the only one who broke out laughing! I still feel bad about it! But only a little. Bottom line, nobody died, and the moment passed.

But here’s Reacher, in full “trust” mode. He is not worried about the chair failing. And he has such energy! Later today I will walk him, probably hunt him, and he will display the unflagging energy associated with much of his breed. He will fly through dense cover, and only with my electronic control will he slow down and actually not outpace his wonderful nose.

Today there’s a new administration in the White House. This is good. God is the root word of good. I’m not religious, but these are truly hopeful times.

So my prayer is that Reacher grants us a small measure of his energy. With it, there are no limits to what we will achieve.