Target the Last-in-Series Lagoon!

Water Resource Recovery is new to the 27% of total wastewater market that uses Lagoon treatment!  Note that these are not the concrete and steel systems that serve large cities.  These are the rural communities that have limited financial options.  They can dredge and spread, or wait and be out of compliance.  If they aerate and circulate enough, they can buy some time.  But really, good options are lacking, until now!

BioHaven Solution

Floating Island International and our BioHaven brand of floating treatment wetland means that you can generate substantive revenue from the valuable nutrients stored in your wastewater.  You can grow trees and/or valuable plants.  Coordinate with local nurseries and create more financial activity in and around your communities.  Be the heroes that get the job done!  And generate revenue for your towns!  If your community is too small to support a local nursery, then sponsor a “plant a tree” day, and sell your home grown trees at retail!  This is actually a premier option, that can benefit both, your community and the local folks that buy trees!

FII leverages nature.  We will help you launch and operate systems that pay for themselves, and do so naturally. After the project has paid for itself, the revenue continues to accumulate.  This means that your community is truly engaged in the Water Resource Recovery movement!  It also means that you are engaged in that upward spiral of sustainable, holistic stewardship!

You are just a phone call away from learning more.  No time like the present…pick up the phone and let’s talk! 406-373-5200. Your wastewater has real value…let’s turn it into money!