What does Water Resource Recovery (WRR) have to do with me?

How does something like water figure into our lives?  Does Water Resource Recovery have a direct connection with me?

You don’t have to live in a big city to enjoy a great life!  In fact, it’s easy to live really well in a small town.  Why is this?  Let’s check it out!

All of us get lost in big towns.  Imagine how many years it would take to get to know downtown Chicago?  Or Los Angeles?  NO, life is simpler in a small-town setting, and clear.  You know where you are, and that’s really true.

What do you want from life?  Here’s a few ideas:  love, friends, a feeling of safety, solid base, and sort of a sense that I’m not going to be surprised by something weird.  I want to know that my loved ones are not just OK, but really doing well!  Good friends, good food, and a place where they feel safe and can stretch out, in terms of their future.


We don’t have to be the smartest kid in the class to know that life is messy!  Problems always happen!  But what we can do is set up for a neat way to make life good.  The root word for good is “GOD.”  How do we do this?  By being thoughtful, conscious, and kind.   By being a loving friend to those we live with.  Not just the humans either, but all the life around us.  Here’s what this looks like…stopping to pet your senior pup as she is sprawled across the doorway.  Loving her, and being sure she knows it!

Or not stepping on the beetle on the sidewalk.  Letting it be.  Maybe even brushing it aside carefully so the next person doesn’t squash it.

Think about water for a second.  When it’s bad, we are in a mess.  When it’s ok, we don’t think about it.  When it’s pristine, we take it for granted.  Just another way of saying “we don’t think about it.”  But I’ll tell you what, when we do take care of it, life is simpler.  Bad stuff still happens, but life is easier, and less complicated.  You can get through the tough stuff faster!

We have to be smart about how we take care of water.  If we are, it can support us.  It can put money in our pockets.  We can turn sewage into cash.  REALLY!  The way this happens is by you taking the next step.  Pick up the phone.

Call us.  Know that we have never met a stranger!  You are more than a friend, you are our partner, and we can’t wait to work with you and your town to make life great!

$$$ FROM YOUR LAGOON ????  water resource recovery (WRR): techniques for safely removing plants