a floating island anchored to the side of a stream that runs next to several buildings

Green Infrastructure That Follows Nature’s Model

BioHaven® Floating Islands are today’s new standard for Water Resource Recovery and remediation throughout the watershed.

Treatment and Water Resource Recovery Using BioHaven® Technology

Treatment and Water Resource Recovery Using BioHaven® Technology

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Scalable products enable flexible solutions:

  • Engineered to be robust in demanding situations
  • Highly efficient using low inputs
  • Human-friendly for working and living around

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  • Clean water inspired by nature’s wetland processes
  • Excellent platform for plants and biofilm growth
  • Hyper-accumulator plant options for accelerated performance
  • Water Resource Recovery for Return on Investment

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Welcome to Floating Island International
The Home of BioHaven Floating Islands

We are a global company, serving industry sectors to address the water challenges faced every day. Our mission is to bring water back to health by mimicking nature’s own clean-water design abilities. We view nutrients as misplaced resources that can be recovered, harvested and even commercialized. We look forward to bringing our expertise and technology to your part of the world.

a lake half covered in rows of floating islands and lined by tall bare trees
underwater picture of a school of trout on the lakebed
a man holding a section of floating island above a basin letting the water drip from the roots
a lake lined with rocks that create a path and dotted with anchored floating islands
grass parted to make space for irrigation sourced from a lake