Bold Gold and Garney Green – Growing Perch for Fishing

Perch in Fish Fry Lake grow 35% faster.

Female perch in Fish Fry, so far, grow from zero to 7.5 inches in
165 days. The males tend to be about an inch-and-a-half shorter during the same period. Combined, their growth rates are 35% faster than the fastest growth rates recorded in a 14 state study tracking wild perch, and other freshwater fish species, growth rates. We are growing perch for fishing, but not just for fishing.

Would you like to know why our fish grow so fast?

There are basically four reasons that Fish Fry Lake is so productive. If you’d like to learn what these are, and enjoy a fisherman’s story, Bruce Kania has just posted an expanded version of the story of Fish Fry Lake – worth reading, if I may say so, especially with a beverage of your choice close by!  This is vintage Bruce (in old-timer style!) with great thinking in the form of a story.  Please enjoy.

Growing Perch for Fishing – Download Bold Gold and Garney Green

Why “Bold Gold and Garney Green”? Healthy wild perch glisten with umber gold highlights, and their green bars are the green of life—garney green, as Bruce’s Irish fishing mentor would say.