Let’s Float A New Country

One very small island nation in the Pacific Ocean is getting wet feet. Despite their relative lack of carbon footprint, the 122,000 residents of the island nation of Kiribati are paying the price, today, of climate change.  How does the rest of the world help? Can we float a new country?

Water Resource Recovery (WRR) spells the answer:

1.  Plastics have accumulated in gyres in the Pacific.  The plastics, including the microplastic component, can be harvested by Floating Island International’s (FII) unique BioHaven Streambed.  Those same plastics can create new floating islands, manufacturing BioHavens on site, using the material in the gyres to float a new country.

2.  Beyond floating a new country for impacted people like the Kiribatis to live on, BioHavens sequester carbon.  We are talking many kilometers of floating island, and an impressive new volume of carbon sequestration.  So the whole planet benefits.   FII has some 9000 islands already floating, including in the Gulf of Mexico, where they have withstood hurricanes.  Another BioHaven, in Singapore, withstood the sourthern hemisphere’s version of hurricane, a typhoon.  We are time tested.

3.  A serious carbon credit, the motivation to make this happen, is at our front door.  The whole world benefits.  A realistic carbon credit is simply too “apparent”.  It makes eminent sense.  

There are other wonderful benefits connected with this vision.  

  • Climate change causes harmful algae blooms (HABs), which lead to mosquito factories in what should be healthy, freshwater lakes.  By preventing HABs, we are preventing future pandemics associated with the world’s most deadly predator, the mosquito.  Literally.  
  • When you consider the incredible expense associated with the current pandemic, or with the “Wall” America is building between it and Mexico, we know that the same dollars can be applied much more strategically.  We can be smart about how money is spent.  On an international basis, we can design for sustainability of the human race.

I don’t need or want to be the imperial ruler of the new floating country of BioHaven!  But I do want to be an active agent towards sustainability of the human race.  I run a think tank, and I and the team are prepared to support actual climate action!  Reach out to me at bruce.kania@floatingislandinternational.com if you desire to support a team that is moving for effective change.

PET plastic bottles in a wastecan illustrates the type of durable plastic BioHaven floating islands are made of
BioHaven Floating Islands keep plastics out of the landfill AND out of the ocean gyres